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  • Nicole Roberts

Connection in Times of Quarantine

Yesterday, one of my favorite groups of humans, the Workhuman Live attendees, got together virtually for the event we didn’t realize that we all needed most. Sure, we knew that we needed connection. We knew we loved the content that Workhuman provides. We knew we missed one another. I’m not sure any of us realized just how much.

As many of us are on the people side of business, we are going non-stop during this time. We are “over-functioners” as our patron saint Brené Brown would say. In those times, we are doing so much, we don’t stop to feel the trauma of the events going on around us.

Simon Sinek made sure to end his time by ensuring that we are taking care of ourselves and asking for help when the trauma catches up with us. We can’t outwork or outrun it. It will sink in eventually, and we need to know what that looks like and be kind to ourselves and others when it happens.

He warned that many of us are in ‘mission mode,’ and we will have to deal with this trauma at some point. It’s normal and we can’t escape it. Ask for help. People will process this trauma at different times. Be aware and be alert. Help others and yourself.

One way to stay aware and alert is keeping the pulse of the organization. There was an exciting announcement from our friend Eric Mosley, CEO of Workhuman, at the conclusion of the event: Moodtracker is available free to everyone – current Workhuman client or otherwise, with the intent to go beyond surveys and get to the heart of organizational issues. What better way to identify when those around us are starting to feel the impact of our current climate?

Thank you to the wonderful team at Workhuman for putting this together. It was what our souls needed right now – whether we realized it or not.

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